Tobacco, Cedarwood, Pepper

The fog of the past. The experience of the past. Out of time. Unisex. For those who are ready to go beyond.

The complex and provocative perfume made by Erez Zielinski Rozen. It was inspired by the old cinema.

Black and white movies have always had its special charm: the imperfect picture and lack of special effects create a feeling of authenticity, so valuable in the digital age.

That’s how we get the formula of the perfume reproduced according to the technology of the past. You discover history wearing this perfume. The composition is impossible to guess completely: cedar, tobacco, black pepper in high concentration and a subtle "secret" ingredient remain in your memory for a long time. Fiction is for those who are indifferent to the virtual and digital. It is for those who feel the spirit of bohemia and the past inside themselves.



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