Hand cream Pink Pepper, Elemi, Cinnamon, Leather (50 ml)

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The note of elemi is dynamic and inexplicably attractive. It changes depending on the use with other ingredients, revealing itself in different ways in each formulation. Erez complemented it with pink pepper — for an element of positivity and brightness, like the people he met in Paris. Cinnamon was used to reference Madrid and Ibiza, where Erez visited many cozy restaurants filled with music and creative vibrancy. In order to give the final formula a dynamic, expressive feel, representing the same attitude found in Amsterdam, he added a note of leather. While each ingredient represents a different city, they cohesively blend together for a seamless yet ever-changing experience that is personal to each wearer.


Squeeze some hand cream on the back of your hand and rub the back of your other hand against it.

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