Candles set Black Pepper, Vetiver, Neroli, Amber

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13 your favorite scented candles
310 minutes burning of each candle
3 aromatic compositions to choose from
A candle holder in vintage style
Fireplace matches

"Home is a place to restore energy after a busy day. My recovery ritual is simple: I put a candle in a candle holder, light the wick with a match, turn on the music and allow myself, watching the movement of the flam and just to be here and now", says Erez Rozen.

The Zielinski & Rozen Candles set created by the perfumer is a universal tool for rebooting and restoring energy. It is also a great way to fill the house with fragrance, comfort, warmth, light and music.

The set contains 13 candles of an unusual classic elongated shape for the brand. The number is not accidental. In Israel the number 13 is one of the most important and happy. The duration of each candle burning is 310 minutes. The set also includes a vintage-style candle holder with an engraved motto of the brand "Be yourself with each breath" in Hebrew, fireplace matches for lighting candles. In addition, a QR code is placed on the box which leads the author's music, which helps to restore internal balance and rest.

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